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Events and Celebrations


Preschool is a time for learning in so many different ways.  At Early Learning at Beth Sholom children are exposed to new sights, smells, experiences and adventures.  


Through holiday celebrations, special visitors and field trips, children at Early Learning at Beth Sholom participate in their school, their community and with the world around them!



Holiday Celebrations

Holidays are an important time in the life of a preschooler. They help not only to highlight special times of the year, but also to teach children about history, culture and ethics.

Secular and Jewish holidays are shared with the preschool children!


Jewish Holidays:

- Rosh Hashana

-Yom Kippor

- Sukkot 

- Hanukkah



-Israeli Independence Day

- Yom HaZikrom

-Lag Ba Omer


American Holidays:

- Thanksgiving

- Martin Luther King Day

- President's Day

- Fourth of July


Special Visitors

Throughout the year, Early Learning at Beth Sholom brings in special guests to help teach, educate and share. These guests bring their own experience and of course sense of fun!

-Israeli Guide Dog program and fundraiser

- Quiver Farms Hands On Animal Program


Field Trips

Children have the opportunity to take a field trip.


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