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Early Leaning at Beth Sholom offers:

Montessori pre-primary program for children ages 2 1/2 to 5


The Montessori Method is an educational philosophy named after Dr. Maria Montessori. The Montessori Method aids the child  by emphasizing independent activity without the unnecessary help of an adult. At Early Learning at Beth Sholom, the Montessori Method is taught though the lens of a Jewish preschool education.


Montessori Method is....

  • Observation of and respect for the natural development of a child

  • Children learning and developing at their own pace

  • Classroom environments equipped with developmental activities designed to meet the individual needs of the child

  • Respect for the individual learning of each child




Areas of a Montessori Environment


Practical Life:  Children learn practical life lessons such as pouring, food preparation, and washing a table, as well as grace and cour

tesy lessons.   These daily lessons help develop a child's independence along with their abilities to concentrate, to control their own movement, and to follow a procedure composed of sequential steps.


Sensorial:  Montessori invented certain materials to aid in the development of the intellectual senses of the child.   The pink tower, brown stairs and knob less cylinder are all oriented to advance the child's ability to define quantities such as color, size, sound, texture and shape.   They help to develop the child's visual, auditory and tactile senses.


Language: The language material includes objects to be names, matched, labeled and classified to aid vocabulary development. Storybooks, tapes and records are used to acquaint children with teh components of a story.  The whole language approach is encouraged as children

create oral and written stories about interesting events in their lives. For recognition and familiarity of letters, textured letters are used to allow the child to feel and see the alphabet.  Phonics and the moveable alphabet lead them towards reading.


Mathematics:  Montessori math materials give children concrete experience with number and numeral correspondence. For recognition and familiarity of quantity, textured numerals are used to allow the child to see and feel shapes.


Culture: The Montessori child is taught from the first fundamental lesson about the world map.  Lessons grow from that initial contact, guided by the child's interest in a particular culture or geographical area.   In this area of the classroom, the child is exposed to parts of flowers, trees, animals/insects.  Daily history lessons are incorporated as well as seasonal nature walks.


Additional weekly activities:

  • Hebrew lessons

  • Mandarin

  • Gymnastics classes

  • Instructed music class

  • Cooking

  • Art

Jewish Montessori

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