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Traditional Program


Our traditional program offers an exciting preschool experience for your child.  Full of adventure and exploration, our program headed by beloved director, Beth Porter, has been a stellar program for over 35 years, having graduated over 2,000 kids! 


Your child can join the fun at any time throughout the year with separate classes for two-year olds, three/four year-olds and pre-kindergarten.  Socialization is a key component with your child being an integral part of the group dynamic. 

2 Year Olds

The two-year old room introduces you and your child to the Beth Sholom Goldman Preschool. The children are exposed to traditional and Montessori educational philosophies in an informal and child-centered manner.  The room is filled with age appropriate toys and is divided into learning-center   activity areas offering pre-reading, puzzles and imaginative play. 

The children engage in activities that encourage imagination and creativity.  As they grow throughout the year, they participate in structured activities such as Circle Time and enjoy the developmental skill -building exploration of free play.  Naptime after lunch is provided as is teacher supported potty-training.  

Staff members are carefully chosen for their ability to interact specifically with this age group and have been trained in First Aid, Infant CPR and fire safety.


At the end of this exciting year, parents will be selecting one of our two pre-school tracks for their child.  Plenty of time will be spent learning the specifics of our Montessori and traditional pre-school programs for their soon-to-be three-year olds.

3 Year Olds

Building on the foundation of the programming for two-year olds, the three-year olds work with the teachers in a more formalized, age-appropriate organized routine.  In addition to academic goals, our philosophy in the 3-year-old class is to prepare our children to socialize. 


We concentrate on friendship, sharing, cooperation, kindness and making "good choices".  Becoming more independent and yet being part of a team are important goals for our young children to achieve.  


We want children to reach their maximum potential in the 3-year-old class! The children in this classroom have opportunities to go on thematic, classroom related trips to further their young experiences.  These trips are often tied to the themed learning, occurring in the classroom. 

4 Years Olds/ PreK

PreK is a pivotal year, socially and academically.  We know that your child will be heading for kindergarten and you want to make sure they are well prepared. This program is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten according to local school guidelines.  Some of our daily activities include:


  • Letter and phonic recognition

  • Math readiness: numbers, sorting, sets and estimations

  • Hands-on Science

  • Values and making appropriate choices

  • Socialization

  • Units that include self, 5 senses, growing butterflies and animals

  • Cooking

  • Jewish holidays and Mitzvot

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